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Administrative Law

Administrative Law is the body of law created by the agencies and departments of the government, which carry out the laws passed by Congress or a state legislature.  Administrative agencies and government departments fill in those gaps for Congress and the state legislature. We provide client's assistance in winding through the rules and regulations of such agencies.

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Business Litigation

Business Litigation is a complex area of law which includes a variety of contractual and tort claims. Often, when these types of business disputes arise, the parties are unable to resolve them. We provide assistance to help our clients work through the legal process.

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Civil Litigation

The term "Civil Litigation" refers to a legal dispute between two or more parties that seek money damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. We will assist clients in taking their case through jury trial.

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Collection of debt from one party to another. One party owes another for a service or a variety of things. We provide expert assistance in collection matters.

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Eminent Domain and Inverse Condemnation 

The term "Eminent Domain" refers to the power of the government to take private land for public use. This power is limited by the federal Constitution and state constitutions-the government must fairly compensate the owner when it takes private property. We represent property owners in eminent domain proceedings, and we help to get our clients fair compensation for their property.

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Employment Law

The area of practice known as Employment Law covers the rights, obligations, and responsibilities within the employer-employee relationship-from wages and workplace safety to discrimination and wrongful termination. We assist employers and employees in personal disputes.

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Family Law

Family Law is a practice area concerned with legal issues involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, and child custody. We represent parties in family law dispute.


Personal Injury

"Personal Injury" is a legal term for an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property. In Anglo-American jurisdictions the term is most commonly used to refer to a type of tort lawsuit in which the person bringing the suit, or "plaintiff," has suffered harm to his or her body or mind. We will provide effective representation in personal injury matters.

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Probate and Trusts

Most people own some assets or carry some debt at the time of their death. The assets and liabilities of someone who has passed away form their “estate.” There are a set of laws governing what to do with the estate and how to accommodate the deceased’s estate plan - or lack thereof. We provide legal services in such probate matters.

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Real Estate and Property Law

The legal definition of real estate or real property is land and the buildings on it. Real Estate Law governs who may own and use the land. Property Law is much like Real Estate Law but has a big emphasis on land rather than the structures on it. We handle quiet title actions, vacation of easements and plats, conversion actions, and more.

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Zoning refers to municipal or local government laws that dictate how real property can and cannot be used in certain areas. We provide zoning opinions, zoning applications, and other related matters.


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