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Meet the Team

Knowledgeable and Calculated

From the moment you walk into our Broken Arrow office, you can trust the Stephen P. Gray & Associates team to be there for you every step of the way.  Our team is highly professional and has plenty of successful legal experience at its foundation.  Our lawyers have numerous awards and recognition's to their names and our clients rate them highly, so come on in and get to know the team!

Stephen P. Gray

Attorney at Law

Stephen P. Gray founded Stephen P. Gray & Associates in 1992.  He is a respected member of the legal team and your trusted source of legal advice, strategic planning, and professional representation.  Known for his professionalism and his straight-forward attitude, Stephen is always ready to take your case head on.

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Gary Richardson

Of Counsel

Gary Richardson's talent and reputation for up to multi-million dollar recoveries can be attributed to his expertise, as he has the ability to communicate with the jury in a persuasive, convincing, and highly effective manner. He believes his success is, in part, a product of the lessons he has learned through a multitude of experiences, of a career in sales, as well as serving as a State Prosecutor, and United States Attorney appointed by President Ronald Reagan.

Gary is married to Lanna Wilcox, and together they have five children and 11 grandchildren. He is an active member of South Tulsa Baptist Church. He has served in other churches as a Deacon, Sunday school teacher, music leader, and as a guest speaker at the pulpit.


We care as much about your cases as you do. Contact us today!

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